In the last 14 years I have managed to complete stunning design projects

About me

The Start

While I still was a student, I started working on few projects creating landing pages for small and medium local businesses in Colombia. As I improved, I joined a small local printing agency. There, I learned about printed media and being strict with every design I make. I like thought through, visually appealing designs, enhanced by subtle details and brand.

Web Design That Stands Out

I always enjoy developing digital concepts and solving problems that pop up during the production stage. This rough framework represents my pathway to a balanced understanding of the web design as it is and as it should be.

Learning about e-learning

E-learning transformed and changed education, opening doors to custom, individual and organizational learning. That’s why today is occupying a place increasingly prominent and recognized within the business and educational organizations. In 2008 I joined a team where I learned about this new technology, besides my teammates I improved my design sense.

Long & Fruitful Experience

I am a Graphic Designer from Colombia, now living and seeking opportunities to further my career in the US. Initially, the print media and small websites design tasks were my gateway to the creative industry. This eventually led me to a life changing decision of moving to the US and continue learning about the world of the digital design.